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Winamp 3 Downloads/The Stuff

Winamp3: The Stuff
(Winamp 3 downloads)

It has been out for a while and developers are going like mad to make neat stuff for Winamp3. Unfortunately, finding this neat stuff can take some time. Hopefully this list will contain everything for Winamp3. If you are a developer or skin writer and you don't see your item on the list, PM or e-mail me and I will add it. Creating a nice pretty description and making it look like the other entries so I can just cut and paste will get it up here faster too.

updated for RC builds

please let me know of you update your components... and want them listed here.

The Player
- Winamp3 Developer RC2 for Windows (build 479)
- Winamp3 Alpha 1 for Linux (Tar)
- Winamp3 Alpha 1 for Linux (RPM)

Development Kit

- Wasabi SDK build 479

Development Tools

- Fortify C++ tool
Fortify is a powerful C++ debugging aid. Detects and pinpoints memory related bugs. It supports alloc/calloc/realloc/strdup/free and new/delete. It traps memory leaks, writes beyond and before memory blocks, writes to freed memory, free twice, freeing memory never allocated, and removes all randomness from reading uninitialized or free memory.

Components(nearly all components are in early stages of development)

All component's are currently not compatable with the new build of Winamp3

Other stuff

- Mc^^^^'s Iconpack
Some sweet icons and a nice and easy file type register. A must for all winamp3 fans
By Michael McBrior (mc^^^^)

- Winamp2 to Winamp3 skin converter
Does what its name tells us.
Please read the readme that comes in the installer

The only thing it doesn't do is zip the final product.
(you can do that yourself anyway)
By Liquidmotion


Locale development tools

- Winamp 3.0 Scripting Tool
A simple VB program that helps you create the XML files required for Winamp3 Skins and Locales. (v2 Beta 3 "Just Bring It")
By DexterHolland

- Winamp 3 locale builder
A very easy to use Locale Builder 0.2 beta 0
By bigbcghs

Complete translation packs

- MP3-world.net's complete german translation Pack
More than just a locale..this download has a modified default.wal so the minibrowser points itself to MP3-worlds german info site.
By MP3-world.net

- German locale By Lactobacillus
- German locale By Raik Zobel
- German locale By Christian Weiss (Chriz)
- Dutch locale By Baafie
- Norsk locale 3.229 By indicavia
- Polish locale By Kaczo2
- Hungarian locale By AtTiLa k
- Italiano locale By Evil Pumpkin
- Japanese locale (unfinished) By Whiteflip
- Spanish locale By Zenken
- Catala locale By Zenken
- French locale By EyesOnly

- Gangsta By Lord_bron
- Shaft locales pack 1.2 By Jarsonic
- Pig Latin By Whiteflip
- Duane's fun pack By DuaneJeffers
- Asian Pride By Whiteflip
- Afroman By Dexterholland
- 1337 By Nemessis

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Winamp3: The Stuff
Here's the Skins and Scripts

Winamprocker and I are splitting up this sticky. I'm working on Skins/Scripting links for Winamp3. So any of you authors, artists, whatever want to see your stuff on the skins/scripting download post, just PM me. I'll get it, and your stuff will be added on.
If I forgot your skin/script, don't hesistate to tell me about your latest creations to be listed here.
Download the current Winamp3 Build 466 to use these skins, and scripts.
Updated for June 19th, 2002


Skinning Archives
- Stefan's Skin Archive
- Winamp.com's Winamp3 skin page
- DeskMod
- Customize.Org
- Deviant Art

Incomplete Skin List
Not all of these have been tested with Beta3, but they should work, in order of when they were.
- Boxtor for Beta 2
By Morgan 'Splif' Thomas. Screenshot and description available on Winamp.com's Winamp3 skin page

- Kjofol for Beta 2
By Steve Gedikian. Screenshot and description available on Winamp.com's Winamp3 skin page

- Probe for Beta 2
By Kinwashi.

- Lounge for Beta 2
By Morgan 'Splif' Thomas. Screenshot and description available on Winamp.com's Winamp3 skin page

- Simple Skin for Beta 2
By Christophe Thibault. Screenshot and description available on Winamp.com's Winamp3 skin page

- Winamp XP 1.4
By : : : Chromium : : :. A Windows Media Player looking skin.

- 8 Ball v1.2
By : : : Chromium : : :. It is an Eight Ball.

- TunahAmp v0.6
By tunah. A simple fish looking skin with Thinger, Main window, and EQ support.

- Winique 0.299
By lunarboy1. A skin that looks like the Sonique 1.X interface.

- Mantis 0.9 for Beta2
By nIRV. A Sonique2 Alpha (Mantis) looking skin. The skin resembles the big blue skin form Mantis.

- Wasabi Studio 0.5 for Beta2
By nIRV. Based on a old screen shot, an all in one design.

- Tiny Gray Amp for Beta 1
By drwho9437. Tiny Gray Amp is design to be as small as possible while still showing most Winamp3 functions.

- Weirdo
By Crusher_appa. Defiantly weird.

- In the RoundAMP
By mavsman A Beastie Boys based skin.

- Blobamp V0.4
By willfisher. A nice green blop that uses the transparency in Beta2.

- Sony MZ-R900 Minidisk Skin
By zenken. You can enjoy it on four colors: blue, red, aluminum, and green. It minimizes to remote control... and more.

- BlueCog for Beta 2
By danbee.

- Unnamed
By r-kelleg.

- Smooth AMP 0.6
By HumanOrchestra. Small gray smooth skin.

- AkiraAmp_v.04
By gekko. This skin is based on a picture of a motorcycle from Akira.

- Greenwood
By ??? Scroll down for the latest version

- Metal Gear Skin
By Anonymous.

- Frozen Skin
By Evil Pumpkin. (Finished, and looks very cool. Scroll down to download the .wal file.)

- RoundOrb
By Ashram.

- Bluple
By drwho9437.

- Technicalium
By jakov.sosic.

- Sharp Sjin
By Ashram.

- Assmosis.98
By Steve Gedikian.

- Kaolla2
By jasonl and nIRV.

- Orb Skin
By Evil Pumpkin.

- Corneramp
By Nine of Nine.

- Act3.Scene1
By Raj.

- Illuminamp
By ThePlague.

- IE Silver skin 0.3.02
By AtTiLa k.

- NOKIA 8265
By Nine of Nine.

- Greeneye
By Ashram.

- Sonic HIFI
Scripting By The Rhino, Skinning By Adil. Stereo skin still in development.

- zygote 1.0
By nIRV.

- Chrome
By premmidha.

- Neo iPod
By Joshuatree.

- Aikon2 Beta
By BmmrMPower.

- Exagon
By HollowEarth and Nine of Nine.


All from skinning to locales to improvments to just games.
- LRVumeter
By Evil Pumpkin.
A small "default skin" type window with separate left and right VU meters.
Works very well. Good example of the rotation layer functions.

- Old School Video Game
By Sirchess.
Beginnings of an "Asteroids" type game. Keeps score, gets progressively harder, and has a wonderful graphic for the asteroids.

- QuarkAmp
By Gonzotek.
Little window that can hide/show all other visible Winamp3 windows, has play control buttons (Back, Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Eject), and drawers for Song title, Vol, Seek.

- Willfisher's Eq Presetter Script
Press the presets button on the EQ presetter window and choose your preset, as simple as that! If you want to reset the presets use the Restore defaults to add a preset, set the EQ as you want the preset, type the name of the preset in the edit box on the EQ presetter window and press the preset button, then Add Current EQ Settings as preset.

- Will Fishers Script Pack
A package of essential scripts, including Goodnight, Alarm, Speakers and Menu Fader.

-Player Fader
By HollowEarth
An opacity fader script that changes the opacity where your mouse happens to be on Winamp3.

Development Tools/Skinning Tools

- WA2 > WA3 Skin Converter
By DexterHolland
A program that converts your Winamp2.x skins into Winamp3 skins. Its still a start, and has a lot of potential.

-Winamp2 to Winamp3 Skin Converter (New Version)
Converts Winamp2 skins into Winamp3 skins.

- SoySauce
By Tunah
SoySauce is a utility to help skin Winamp3. The idea is that you make the graphics, open up SoySauce, insert them all and arrange them so it looks right, add some actions (buttons etc), hit 'export' and get a nice little yourskin.wal with the xml all written. Kind of like a wysiwyg tool for web pages.

- Winamp 3.0 Scripting Tool
By DexterHolland
A visual basic program that DexterHolland made that lets you click on Winamp3 or select from a menu the components that you want in your own skin...(Includes a locales wizard.)

By Francis
It takes a PSD file and can do a few things with it: it can break it apart in multiple PNGs, preserving the alpha channel and the layer name, it can create a mockup xml layout, inserting the layers as is at the right place (so you can start quickly on this new skin you just mocked up in Photoshop), and it can create a bitmap element xml section for those layers as well.

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