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Not quite "The Ultimate Media Player" yet...

Great work so far. Needs podcast support ASAP and with it the ability to bookmark songs\books\podcasts, though. My search for a media player on Android would be over if WinAmp had these. Any ETA?
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i agree with the above, but would liek to add that would like the medial library on the android phone to load up instantly rather than the current long wait for it to load up. Real pain....
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I'd just like the sync to my Android PC to work right. Playlists show up as empty, and the player can't find the songs or play them.
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I've had no probs with sync, what problems do you have? Mine is fine? Are you sure it might not be as you've changed the file names or music names which has killed the links? That's quite possible...
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REALLY need improved podcast support (both for Winamp Desktop and Android).

What would really make Winamp the ultimate media solution for PC/Android combination would be:

1. First, on desktop, improve the barebones podcast support/UI. That includes auto-delete/keep only certain # of podcasts, better display support (ie. % downloaded/played), etc.

2. Second, on Android, seperate the podcasts from the rest of music/audio (ie. like Doubletwist, have a seperate section). Podcasts are defined as being periodically pushed/updated by other content providers to you, unlike music/audio which you usually manually manage yourself. A analogy you could make is podcasts are to magazines/newspapers as music/audio is to normal books.

3. What would really make Winamp the killer media app for Android/PC would be two-way podcast sync between the Android app and desktop, that includes handling both feeds and individual podcasts within feeds. IE. Say you subscribe to a feed on your PC and download recent 3 podcasts, and USB sync to Android, and then go away from the desktop for a week. However, you can still use WiFi on the road to download new podcast episodes to your Android (instead of having to rely on your desktop), upon which returning home to your desktop any new episodes would be backward synced to your PC (along with with custom auto-delete rules you may have for the older episodes).

That would be awesome.
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