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Use VST plugin (compressor) for the Shoutcast streaming signal - problems


first of all I want to write someting about the technical basement:
I'm using Shoutcast to stream the line-in audio signal. Surely, that works perfectly. Now I want to use a compressor VST plugin. In order to realise this, I loaded VST Host DSP v1.0 for WinAmp (Plugin-ID 146317 on Winamp.com) (VST software) and Audio Damage Rough Rider (http://www.audiodamage.com/downloads...php?pid=ADF002) (compressor software).

The problem was, that I have to run both tools at the same time. In order to solve that I installed first MuchFX2 (Plugin-ID 775 on Winamp.com), then DSP Stacker by Spacial Audio Solutions (Plugin-ID 128742 on Winamp.com).

When I use MuchFX2, the compressor only works, when I play files in Winamp - no reaction when there is the signal played for Shoutcast.

When I use DSP Stacker, the compressor doesn't react - no matter if I play the song in Winamp or via line-in. I have no explaination for it, because of the discribtion: "Now you can do normalization, Crossfading, effects & more and still stream to Shoutcast!" - Hm.

My question: Is it possible to use the compressor together with Winamp, when I use the line-in signal for Shoutcast? I want to optimize the signal on line-in before it is send to the server.

Thanks for your help!
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My advice if you want to use vst plugins is to pipe winamps output through something like cubase.

Of course you will need a card that supports asio and has good audio routing capabiltys.
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