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Sprite automation conflict(xpost from ahk forums)

My question to the milkdrop forums is.. Is there anyway to change something in Milkdrop 2 to use hotkeys instead of Kxx or Yxx codes for sprites and text? I set all the sprites n text to hotkeys , but when i try to loop the hotkeys using another piece of software i get a big conflict.

The only possible solution i see is altering milkdrop2 to use the hotkeys i want them to use. I dont know how possible this would be considering MD2 is not open source. Thought id ask here anyway to see if maybe there was a solution.

::::Just so y'all know what i am trying to do more clearly:

I am very eager to add this loop function to my VJ keyboard. I am sending sprites and text through to Milkdrop via their assigned codes which i bound to hotkeys on a psychdelic keyboard. The sprites(k00-99) and the text(y00-99) are all bound to certain colors and i access them through the buttons or modifiers + buttons.

So when i press 'W' it sends sprite 'k06'
I want to record W to the beat of a song, then loop it.

When i initiate the loop after the record/end record Instead of sending my W sprite(k06) it sends my K sprite(k44) my 0 sprite(k39) and my 6 sprite(y02). I guess the problem i have is with the software i am using: but how do i work around this?

Is my dream of looping keyboard hotkeys in realtime on the fly some type of pipe dream?:::

for the keyboard record/repeat software i am using 'Mouse and Keyboard Recorder' or 'Automatic Mouse and Keyboard' which are made by the same company.

Any input would be awesome ! Even just a "not in a million years" or "when geiss's fly." I want this function so bad it is killing me that i am stuck in limbo trying to figure out what is what.
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