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Is there an AC3 OUTPUT plugin 4 Winamp?


I hope i'm in the right forum

If not i'm sorry.

So i'm looking for 2 months now for a ac3 plugin
for winamp
Any1 here 2 help?
Sincerely yours
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If you are talking about upmixing a normal source to AC3, the closest thing I have found is:


Note that it doesnt seem to work with all frequencies, most notably that which most mp3s are encoded at. It could just be the sblive that causes the problem though if I remember correctly.

The problem is, it needs to be upmixed by the CPU, not an easy task. There are some NVidia motherboards that will upmix to AC3 in hardware however, but that is the only consumer level hardware device to do it.

If you are talking about just AC3 output from an AC3 source, there are a couple AC3 input plugins. That site also lists one.

EDIT: That site only has v0.7, I think v1.01a is needed for realtime AC3 encoding:

EDIT: ffdshow possible does AC3 encoding too, havent tested it: http://ffdshow.sourceforge.net/tikiw...w_articles.php

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