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Highly experimental crossfading input.

I've made a crossfading chained input plugin. Yes, --->Input<--- plugin. Extremely experimental and possibly very unstable. It still needs ALOT of spit and polish because at the moment it pre-loads and buffers the entire song all at once at certain stages of playback. About 20 seconds before the length-end of the song it pre-loads the entire next song and then 8-10 seconds later it skips to the next song and fades the last part that was skipped onto the next song. Don't move the entries in the playlist around 20 seconds before the length end of the song or you'll hang/crash Winamp.

This only works if the current and next songs are both the same bit-rate, sample rate, and number of channels (just like LiveWire.) If the next song is different from the current all it does is clip the song.

I'm still having problems with gaps in the audio playback though LiveWire doesn't say it's messing up the timing so I have no idea why it's not always 100% perfect on the song skip yet. Sometimes it's perfect, sometimes it introduces a small short unknown silence (or clip-out) between songs.

Please please please try it out and tell me what you think! I need an unbiased assessment.

If somebody's already made a better crossfading input plugin please point it out. I need one.

Apparently, the forums server is still having problems with attachments so here's a link to download from my site.

Download here!
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