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metadata & http get from secondlife

Seondlife users constantly stream shoutcast, and could get the
song info with the /7.html i.e.

key HTTPRequest=llHTTPRequest(URL + "/7.html HTTP/1.0\nUser-Agent: LSL Script (Mozilla Compatible)\n\n",[],"");

with the new V2, this no longer works.

i've been trying everything i can think of, and looking for info on how to
get the stream data for V2.

do i need to put the /stats option in the URL? (this is a v2 station)
string url = "http://sl.magnatune.com/Indian/stats/nextsongs/sid=2 ";

i have no idea what Ultravox is...do i need it?
string path = "HTTP/1.0\r\nUserAgent: Ultravox/2.1\r\n";

my script connects to ...something...and the response i get is..
<b>The file you requested could not be found</b>

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
many thanks,
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http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas...2_XML_Reponses details everything on how and what you can get from the current build of the v2 DNAS.

/7(.html) was removed with the v2 DNAS as it was a hack and didn't want that sort of thing to have to persist. however, as we've found out, there's too many legacy tools / scripts which people rely upon but cannot get updated and so we will be restoring /7(.html) in a pending update (along with a number of other v1 <-> v2 compatibility improvements).

though we still recommend using one of the /stats responses (with a json version to come) as it is less restricted to what /7(.html) provides.

and you've being provided an instance of the stream (which is what all the ultravox reference parts are about) as we missed giving a 410 response on /7(.html) requests with the build of the v2 DNAS you're using.
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this is all gibberish to me,
string url = "http://sl.magnatune.com/Indian/stats/nextsongs/sid=2 ";

i have no idea if this is the proper syntax to use
/stats/nextsongs/sid=2 ";
nor if nextsongs is the only option as i cannot seem to understand
if there is a list of the public "stats" that can be queried.

someone in SL seems to have figured it out, more power to them.
i will look forward to the .7 coming back, tho i would use the new stuff
if Anyone could explain how to use it, which seems unlikely.

a link to the lsl page of interest.

Thank you anyways, for your response.
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the wiki page i linked to answers all of the questions you've asked, so i'm not going to copy+paste what is already in the official docs (and i suggest looking at http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas..._XML_Responses which shows how the request urls are formed). though it sounds you're better off just waiting for the updated version (or finding someone who knows about the SL stuff).
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