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connection refused!!

whenever i try and broadcast a message appears on my server window saying, yp.shoutcast.com gave extended error (cannot see ur station/computer (ip: the internet disable internet sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache.(connection refused)
What can i Do to fix the problem, i have cleared the internet service provider cache, i think i have disabled internet sharing but i dont understand the NAT part also.
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Two (or less) easy steps:
1. If you have a firewall, open the necessary port(s).
2. If you have a router, configure it to forward the necessary port(s) to the DNAS machine.

Check out the SHOUTcast Technical Support Sticky post titled:
SHOUTcast: Important Info & Answers to FAQs. READ ME!

Scroll down a bit and look for the section titled:
DNAS Stuff -> Errors -> Fixing [yp_add] yp.shoutcast.com gave extended error (Cannot see your station/computer (IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx) from the Internet, disable NAT/firewall/ISP cache (Connection timed out)

Are the necessary ports open in your firewall and are they being forwarded to the DNAS machine?

Are you using Windows XP?
That has an internal firewall.
Either configure it or disable it.

Does your ISP block ports?

Check out http://www.radiotoolbox.com/cantheygetin and see if the reported information there helps.

Try setting the DNASs YPort to 666.
Check out the DNASs sc_serv.ini/conf configuration file for the section (default shown below):
; Yport, port to connect to yp.shoutcast.com on. For people behind caching
; webproxies, change this to the alternate port (666 is what it might be,
; check www.shoutcast.com if you have problems). Otherwise, leave this at 80.
; We're actively working on re-opening port 666, but as of release the only
; working port is port 80.

Please read some polite advice.
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