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Streaming Radio - Add Stations

I'm an old guy who just wants to listen to the oldies via streaming FM. I have Winamp installed (ver.5.56) and awhile back one of my sons installed a few streaming radio stations in my Winamp playlist. Everything works fine,

I have since tried to add a few more streaming radio stations and have not been successful, other than for wiping out my Playlist and generally making a mess of things. If I bookmark a new station (in Winamp) it wipes out my current Playlist. I restored my original Playlist from a backup then realized (after shooting myself in the foot again) I could do the same by dragging the contents from Winamp's History folder into the now blank Winamp Playlist window. Finding my Playlist file in the bowels of Windows and restricted folders was no fun trip either.

There has to be an easier way to add new streaming stations to Winamp!! I have read the Help files, browed the forums and Internet but still can't figure it out. When I find sites that offer Internet radio, they too have no easy way of just clicking on something to add a station to Winamp. Tried that in SHOUT and my Playlist disappeared again!

Actually, Winamp is way too complicated and feature loaded for what this old guy wants to do. All I want to do is to be able to choose from a list of several favorite Internet radio stations to listen via Winamp (versus bloated Media Player) and add a radio station I may find and like. Kinda like the way the pushbutton radio worked in my 57 Olds 88. Having easy access to my Playlist file to backup would be another plus.

Is there an easy way to do this?? Many thanks.

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The playlist editor (main playlist) is a active or "on the fly" playlist and is not suited as permanent playlist. However, to prevent it from being overwritten when selecting items in the Media Library try the following setting…
1. Winamp > Ctrl+P (for Preferences)
2. Media Library > Library Options tab
3. in the 'Double Click or Enter' drop-down box select 'Enqueues selected item(s)'
4. close out of Prefs
Now, when you select items in the ML (such as from Bookmarks) items will be added to the playlist editor instead of replacing items.

I have grown fond of the Media Library playlists section and have a made a ML playlist just for favorite radio stations. If I want to add something from the playlist editor to one of the ML playlists, I right click on it > select 'Send to:' > then select 'Media Library Playlists' The advantage of ML playlists is they are more "static" and therefore are more suited for a permanent or favorite playlist.

For repairing or "backing up" the playlist editor, checkout DrO's Playlist Undo plug-in.

For more information on playlists and making/managing playlists...

• Winamp Blog: Winamp Tutorial - How to Make a Playlist
Video tutorial on Media Library playlists and the Playlist Editor

• PCWORLD: Playing with Playlists
Dated but helpful info on using the PLaylist Editor

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Thanks JonnyMac - I followed all your tips and they resolved my issues. I was able to add 5 more stations tonight without destroying anything! That a lot more presets than I had in my 57 Olds.

Now the difficulty seems getting radio stations into Winamp. Not all streaming sites are friendly. SHOUT works pretty easy, 181 FM you have to get the URL out of Properties and then add it to the current playlist, and some sites don't give you a clue. Still not as straight forward as I think it should be but no problem, I have enough to keep this old rocker going for awhile.

Many thanks for taking the time to help.
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