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Shoutcast Relay Stream & Stats

Greetings and thanks in advanced.

We were forced to switch to a different provider due to our old provider being down because of network issues.
In order for us to keep license compliant we use a licensing provider.

Our problem is this. Our new provider only supports V2, and our licensing provider currently only supports v1 to monitor the stream for reporting.

I created a relay on a V1 host thinking this would be ok, but our licensing provider stated that the the relay stream mus also contain the stats from the hosting server (V2 server).

Is it possible to have a relay host relay not only the stream but the stats too??

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relaying doesn't work that way so it will not work.

not knowing what the license provider is using to track the stats, all i can point them at is http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas...lent_of_7.html for how to get stats from the v2 DNAS if they're using the /7.html hack the v1 DNAS provided.
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Yet another reason that AOL will not decide to do away with the old D.N.A.S 1.9.8 or at least allow for a sort of "legacy mode" where it has backwards compatibility with V1 software.

I tried V2 on a provider and it just didn't work out for me that well. Your only solution is to find a good Shoutcast V1 provider like myradiostream.com or a premium provider like iCast central. Otherwise its Icecast for many noob's out there who want to be legal.

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and sticking to the old 7.html cripples the v2 DNAS when moving forward as there is no means to expand on the information and it is something that should never have been implemented that way to begin with.

if you want to be stuck in the dark ages then so be it. but we've tried to make the improvements people wanted and now that's wrong as well. but making it use specific standards is better and should make it a lot simpler to integrate such things.

just can't bloody win with you broadcasters!

and if it didn't work out, why not provide feedback rather than this first post bitching about it!
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