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There i said it.

khloe kardatzianens looks quite alot like the statue of libertty!

whew, getting that off my chest feels right.

there needs to be a comic spin off of ghost busters in which, the statue is once again called to bolster the spirit of new york. this time however, too high a dosage of that nasty business that gave it life in the last movie is administered, and its unlikely animatedness is over rendered in a scale proper person. as depicted in the likeness of the reality personality. she wouldnt confront ghostly nonsense so much as be over the top and fight crime.

there could even be someone that was trapped inside the statue when everything went down that was made to become super tiny and act as a sidekick. the tiny figure would have the ability to grow to the size of the original statue in extreme situations. discovering this ability after their share of character development, coming to terms, saving and being saved, and coming in to their own. liberty's power would be turning herself or parts of her to brass or copper, or whatever the statue is made of, when needed.

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