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Shoutcast Relay Priority


We have our Shoutcast server, plus two additional relays (servers in other data centers.. for bandwidth reasons).

Because of our bandwidth pricing, we have a preference that our primary server take on new listeners first and, when it's full, new listeners go to Relay #1 until it's full, and then ultimately to Relay #2 (the one with the most expensive bandwidth).

I'm not sure, "out of the box", how Shoutcast sends listeners (I assume it just distributes them equally) but is there a way to specify this kind of priority so our Relay #2 doesn't get any listeners unless the other two are full and we need it for overflow?
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assuming they are all listed in the Directory and accessing via the tune-in playlists, it typically ends up that listeners will be directed to the server which is seen to have the best ratio of current listeners vs total capacity and is updated when the DNAS send their 'touch' updates.

the effect of this is the Directory will send back to the DNAS one of the other DNAS to use as a 'backup' incase it becomes full. however, depending on the version of the DNAS being used, this can be up to 10 minutes behind actual listener loads and so although it generally works, if you're getting a sudden change in numbers then one may get more connections than the others.

so it's not really evenly spread out and there isn't a way to specify the order - you just get whether they are listed or not. and with non-listed DNAS, there's no way for the Directory to include them in the handling and so it won't work well in that scenario.

there has been talk about what to do in-order to allow the DNAS to work more equally as well as dealing with Directory failures or just wanting to not be listed scenarios but nothing has so far been done on coding a solution (though people have done custom load-balancers, etc to try to do it themselves but that has often screwed up the listener numbers being reported and gotten them banned from being listed).

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