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Support for Multiple Visualization Outputs

I want to be able to run visualizations on multiple monitors at once. Ideally this would be in the form of a multi-mon desktop mode and and multi-mon fullscreen mode.

I can start 2 instances of winamp and turn the sound down on one, then I can setup desktop mode for 1 monitor and fullscreen for the other but this is a workaround at best.

The Visualization plugin "Synesthesia" allows multiple visualizations run at once, although they are sandboxed in a single monitor.

I think this could be done through allowing multiple Visualization plugins to run at once (could configure each plugin to operate on a different monitor) or by creating a plugin that had native multi-mon support.

I've been wanting this forever, dont see why it doesn't exist.

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Is Vizualisation MUX any better?

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Visualization MUX is in fact better. I can run 2 visualizers and put them on seperate screens. However, it doesn't seem to work with Milkdrop (just errors when you try to add the MilkDrop dll.) I can get it to work sufficiently I think. Might be able to copy a dll with a diff name to use the same visualizer twice, might have to find 2 that I like. MilkDrop is particularly nice because it has so much variety.

It would be nice to see native support for running multiple plugins at once. I can see this being useful in all sorts of arenas.


I found a suitable solution by using Visualization MUX and creating a 2nd copy of the Geiss visualization plugin.

I then loaded up both dlls into Visualzation MUX. Set the desktop mode to go on the left monitor and the fullscreen mode to go on the right monitor.

IMPORTANT: I had to enable "fake fullscreen mode."

i then start the visualization MUX and 2 windows appear with Geiss in them. I right click on one and do desktop mode, right click the other and do fullscreen mode.

There were problems with 1 instance of geiss going black if "fake fullscreen mode" wasnt enable OR if 1 window was simply "maximized."

If necessary I can clean up this HOW-TO and post it somewhere else, let me know if that would be useful.
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I don't mean to revive a really old and dead topic but the plugin mentioned here doesn't work with any visualization plugins i try apart from dells light fx which i want to use alongside milkdrop but milkdrop always gives me an access violation code.
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it's because it's probably not been updated to cope with some of the things which the milkdrop plug-in expects and hence crashes. have you tried to contact the plug-ins author to see if they'll update it to work? (though i've just realised the plug-in is from 2001 so that's unlikely to happen now i bet).

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I seem to have the same request but then with audiofiles (mp3)

I would like to run multiple mp3's true multiple independent sessions of winamp. in the near future I would like to add videofiles which are projected on to a wall via a digital projector, all via WInamp. Seem's I'm asking to much for the moment.

The reason for that is because winamp is triggered multiple times via an external program but that way I run in to problems using winamp.

My question was put in the tread :


I also worked my way around it

No one has posted a reply yet so there are two options, I'm plain stupid and nobody finds it nescesery to reply because the answer is to simple or I am asking something which is out of Winamp's league for the moment.

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