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Server delay and pausing the steam.

Using sam broadcaster and http://www.listen2myradio.com/ to set up the server, I have my encoders and such set up but when I send my audio the delay is huge (over 3 minutes in the web player, 45 seconds in winamp and over 2 mins in windows media player) Also there are 2 other problems.

1) Listeners can pause the steam and play it again later and it will play at the same place they were at meaning huge huge huge delay
2) Once you disconnect from the server in winamp and reconnect it plays from were you were last at, for example if I was broadcasting numbers from 1 - 10000 and I was at 200 and a listener left, when that listener returned the audio would carry on from 200 wether or not I was at 400 700 or got bored of numbers and put on some music.

I would deeply appreciate it if you could help me with this matter as L2MR uses Shoutcast, or if there is a free alternative to that which is live or lets me broadcast from my own machine without hamachi (I can't seem to work Mydns so people cant connect to me without hamachi) that would be appreciated.

Put in simple words, how do I make my stream live (bar up to a minute delay at maximum) and how do I make people inable to pause or return to what they were at on reconnection.
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It is impossible to broadcast internet radio live - there's always a delay.

The higher the bitrate, say the experts, the less delay.

It has to go from your studio to the server, then from the server to the listener's player.

With listen2myradio (and its companion service youStream), it takes a long time, for the following reasons:

They are both free;

You can't broadcast at more than 64 kbps;

The servers are based in Israel, not the UK or US, so the signal has to go from your place in the UK or US, via Israel, then to the world.

Arthur Leslie Vasey
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I'm broadcasting with Shoutcast Source DSP @ 192 kbit/s mp3 - delay -> about ~10 seconds

When you pressed pause it continues only the rest of the music that was in the buffer, if you got all of it, the music stops and the listener has to reconnect to the stream, and then he is of course back to the position where I am

When a listener stopped the stream, then he'll of course at the position where I am, when he is reconnecting
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Same problem...Any Answers???

Does anyone have an answer for this stop and start problem? I didn't understand the last post.

I am using a wimpy button to play the stream broadcasting from a remote icecast server (works great), along with a separate javascript to display the current song. I had 2 PCs playing the stream all day while I was gone for about 3 hrs. When I got back, they were playing totally different songs than what the javascript was displaying. I refreshed the page on the laptop but the stream started where it left off and was still not in sync with the javascript. I left it alone for a while and when I came back to it, it was in sync. The other comp that I didn't pause is still out of sync.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking about changing the icecast post buffer. I don't even know what that does.

nosmradio . com /radio/
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It was the post buffer

Ok I figured out my problem. It was the variable "icecast" in the Wimpy button source code. It refers to the post buffer, which the instructions tell you to set it between 400-1000, but when I set it to 0 it worked perfectly.

I don't know if this helps you, but I hope it helps somebody. I lost a whole day of development researching this problem.
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Ok I jumped the gun...

It's still doing it, but only after I've been listening to the stream for like a hour or so. But then, if I clear my cache I can connect with no problem.

I have no idea...
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Could it have anything to do with the crossfader plug -in for winamp? I wouldn't have a problem uninstalling it since icecast doesn't recognize it anyway.
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