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All of this mind-numbing repetition actually gave me a good idea (wish) to add to this board. When I add .WAV files to my Winamp playlist, I cannot find a way to rid it of the ugly .WAV extension just sitting there on the end of all my titles, like some chunky EXTRA that doesn't need to be taking up the space. Now either Winamp had already put a feature in Winamp to disable the view of the extensions. I DO know that the fact that you don't see file extensions on MP3 files is because of the built-in ID tags in some. BUT I think Winamp as a collective should think about incorporating some new view options in thier next release. Like, to be able to choose to SEE file extensions or NOT. And while I'm wishing away - I might as well add my FINAL thought about what this board was ALL about ---> THE PLAYLIST!!!

As a second wish, I am formally requesting that Winamp (tm) or something... uhh yea: Put an option in Winamp's playlist that lets you export your playlist to .HTML format. Not just ANY .HTML format though! I have noticed that in your ready-existing release of Winamp, you can only export song name, artist/ or the filenames. You should let the user have the ability to TAILOR the end result (.HTML) output this his/her likings. I for one, would like to see an exported playlist containing LENGTHS, but who knows...

I'm just one person, and what can I do to make a difference eh? Well, do what you will - just respond to this board if you have any ideas...

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Duplicate post. Thread locked. Reply here:


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