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I'm developing a software and I'd like to use the Winamp interface so that the plug-ins can be used by my software. Is it possible to do so? Or it is prohibited?
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I believe this is what MusicMatch does - it simply uses winamp plugins. I have no idea what Nullsoft's stance on this is.
Also remember that many plugin authors may not like you doing this - In large part because your software may not be stable and would reflect badly on them. I assume you are doing this for a distributed piece of software, otherwise you'd just do it and not worry about whether it's allowed.
I have to admit thinking about writing a light "SimAMP" that would just pass waveform/spectrum data directly from the sound card. Why? When writing vis. plugins it's gets old waiting for WinAmp to load - Sure it's quick, but even a 2 second pause is one second too long, so a simple vis plugin tester might be nice.

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Plugin testers

I once made a General Purpose Plugin Tester in Delphi that loaded and
executed General Purpose Plugins at run-time. The program had a window that contained a TMemo component (multiline Editbox) and some
buttons to test the Init, Config and Quit functions of a General Purpose Plugin. It had the capability of loading and unloading plugins whenever you wanted it (Winamp loads them only under startup and doens't reload during changes) It had some bugs though but worked fine, along the development of a General Purpose Plugin. The bug was that it runned under the Tester app and not under Winamp, so not all plugins could run under the tester. This was mainly the situation with plugins that hardly interact with Winamp (those who add custom menu items in Winamp, and modifies the behaviour of Winamp). When working with visualization plugin, I think it will be easier, since you only have to deal with the Structures, and wave/spectrum data.
I don't have so many contacts, so I never was able to publish my application to the real public. Only used it for personal use. And now it's gone with my last system crash.
You don't need to reload Winamp to test Vis plugins, just go to the preferences dialog and stop the plugin, start another, then start your own again. You can even leave the preference dialog open at all times.
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