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A litle Somthing for WA3

in winamp 2.xx we were stuck with the icons for the system tray that the developers put in.... i thoght in WA3 you could add a feture to change the icon in the system tray by adding an icon somwere in a skin... is this posible... if it is we could make FULLY COUSTEMISED skins for WA3 that we could not do in winamp 2.xx
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Re: A litle Somthing for WA3

Originally posted by DexterHolland
Came close to spelling that one right.
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Man that's a cool idea. The winamp logo does get kinda boring after a while anyway...
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while that could be an interesting option there would of course have to be an internal option to not use it, kinda like the custom cursors in winamp 2, i dont think i ever found a cursor set that came with a skin that was actually good. but if you want to tide yourself over while waiting to see if they'll actually add it get resource hacker and change the icon yourself (i'd reccomend backing up the original just in case)

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If you want to change the icon it looks like you'll have to get microangelo and chane it manually, although it would be nice if you could. Some of the cursors in the WA2 skins were pretty nice, besides what loveis says, so I dont see why not
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