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Question Setting string location using another string as reference?

I'm currently using the NSIS InstallOptions plugin to create some custom pages in my installer. When you set the location of controls you want to create, you have to specify the exact coordinates of where that control should be created. I'm making a move to internationalize the installer, and hence the locations and lengths of my strings and will vary depending on language.

Is there a way to set the location of strings / controls such that they are in reference to one another? I essentially want to place string A in an exact set of coordinates, and then put string B after string A by essentially saying, "put string B after string A". Is this possible using either the InstallOptions of nsDialog plugins?

Here's specifically what I'm trying to do: I have a sentence in my installer that has linked text in the middle of the sentence. Right now I've basically split that sentence into three parts: the beginning string, the link text, and then end string. I have to set the coordinates of those strings exactly so that they look seamless, but for another language, those coordinates will almost certainly be different. Perhaps there's another way to insert a link in the middle of a sentence that doesn't require me to split up the sentence into parts?
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