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StringCompare if not empty

I use the following script to check for installation of the .NET Framework:


StrCpy $2 0
EnumRegKey $1 HKLM Software $2
StrCmp $1 "v2.0.50727" done
IntOp $2 $2 + 1
!StrCmp $1 "" loop
MessageBox MB_OK "NoMsFramworkInstalled"

I want to loop trough my Registry is the key 'v2.0.50727' exists. Every key I compare with "v2.0.50727". When true go to 'done', when false reloop.

[Line 6] If $1 is not empty, reloop. What is the right syntax for this line? And will this code work?
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StrCmp $1 "" 0 loop

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StrCmp $1 "" 0 loop
This would be much easier with the LogicLib:
!include LogicLib.nsh
StrCpy $2 0
EnumRegKey $1 HKLM SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework $2
${If} ${Errors}

${If} $1 == "v2.0.50727"
MessageBox MB_OK found

IntOp $2 $2 + 1
${LoopWhile} $1 != ""

Or even better:


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