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Shoutcast DSP with microphone = no music

New WinAmp+Shoutcast DSP user here... I've been podcasting for several years on a Linux box, but after a crash this weekend I need to get up to speed on the WinAmp solution. I got everything working fine except the microphone part as described here:

The problem: If I follow the directions to change input source to Sound Card so I can use the microphone, the music stops streaming until I change input source back to WinAmp.

I'm using an external USB sound interface with the mic and headset plugged into the interface.Laptop is a Compaq Presario with Windows 7 Ultimate. Don't know that it matters, but it's a Behringer podcast kit --- Xenyx 502 mixer, Behringer UCA200 audio interface, headphones, and microphone.

I don't know what version of Windows was used to make the above-linked tutorial, but the options I get don't resemble it in the least. Clicking the Mixer button takes me to the Sound setup in the control panel, where I have tabs Playback, Recording, Sounds, and Communications. The Recording tab shows the internal mic and my USB mic. If I click on the latter, I get another four-tab window with General, Listen, Levels, and Advanced. On the Listen tab I can check a box that says "Listen to this device", and there is a picklist of destination for playback device. Also radio buttons for continue / not continue using on battery power.

I have tried all the combinations of changing that checkbox and the playback choices, and nothing has any effect.

It's not completely stopping me -- but obviously having to stop the music, change input sources, click to talk, change input sources back again, and restart the music means a lot of dead air when I want to make announcements between songs. And I can no longer sign off over the closing theme song at the end of my show.

Does anyone else use an external sound card / mixer / mic / headset with Windows 7? Can you throw a few clues my way? Both of my listeners are looking forward to improved sound quality when I get this mess untangled.
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One way to do things is to configure your setup so that you record everything being played over your soundcard. Then you just send both music and mic to soundcard output.
Thus ANYTHING being played over your soundcard is also recorded and streamed. This way you can seamlessly mix many sources of audio into the broadcast. Winamp, Skype, Media Player, Mic, etc.

Downsides to this approach:
- This might require a bit of setup for your USB devices to reroute them to your sound device.
- Not ALL sound devices support this method.

Some helpful docs on the topic of soundcard setup. This is for SimpleCast (now called SAM Cast), but you should be able to apply the same for your Shoutcast DSP.

Once again, a bit of a more advanced setup - but worth the effort usually.
So once you configured our soundcard settings, just keeping your DSP on soundcard input should do the trick.
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