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Winamp Shoutcast Client Connects HTTP 200, but no sound?

Hi, I've just started playing with Shoutcast. I have the Shoutcast server + WinAmp player (output to NULL output) running on a virtual machine (no physical sound card).

I believe the server side of things are running correctly (using the basic profile with debug on, and private broadcast). On the winamp client connecting to the shoutcast server, I'm able to load the shoutcast html pages in my browser, and also connect via winAmp. However, after connecting, it doesn't seem to do anything. No sound at all, just a http status 200 indicator. I've also checked the "Save Encoded Output" from the server plays back fine on the winamp client with sound.

Can someone explain why there might be no sound on the client when trying to stream ??


Logs from server:

2012-09-30 02:00:55 D msg:[DST x.x.x.13:3132 sid=1] Sending [HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server:Ultravox/2.1 SHOUTcast v2.0.0.29

2012-09-30 02:00:55 I msg:[DST x.x.x.13:3132 sid=1] SHOUTcast 2 client connection accepted. WinampMPEG/5.63, Ultravox/2.1
2012-09-30 02:00:55 D msgrotocol_shoutcast2Client::state_InitiateStream
2012-09-30 02:00:55 D msgrotocol_shoutcast2Client::resetReadPtr readPtr=2496450 amt=262144
2012-09-30 02:00:55 D msgrotocol_shoutcast2Client::state_InitiateStream sending metadata Z 93   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<metadata><TIT2>Once In A Lifetime</TIT2><TPE1>Other</TPE1><TCON>Other</TCON><TENC>SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.3.1.182</TENC><TRSN>Testing</TRSN><WORS>http://www.shoutcast.com</WORS><extension><title seq="1">Other - Once In A Lifetime</title></extension></metadata>
2012-09-30 02:00:55 D msgrotocol_shoutcast2Client::state_SendCachedMetadata
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you've not something like streampath=/test.aac left in the configuration file as you're stream is indicated as mp3 but that's the only thing i can think off to cause Winamp to have issues if using the basic example configuration.

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stream no audio

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