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Updating SSL certs in DNAS

Summary: Is there a way to get SC_SERV to use an updated SSL cert without restarting and dropping all listeners?

Several months ago, I started using SSL certificates to support the rapidly increasing use of HTTPS even if I use HTTP on my web pages. That has been working will. However, there is a problem: the certificates from Lets Encrypt expire 3 months from issuance. That is not adjustable. It is easy enough to renew the certificate, but so far, I have not found a way to get SC_SERV to use the updated cert without being restarted and thus dropping all current listeners. Here is what I have tried:

First, I update the certs in the config file. SC_SERV. Example:

Not surprisingly, SC_SERV does not pick up the change.

On the admin web page, I run update. However, the file name shown in view does not change, and the new cert is not used.
I also tried Force, but that too did not change the files shown in view nor active the new cert.

Restarting SC_SERV picked up the new cert.

For completeness, I also tried overwriting the cert files with the new certs, but SC_SERVED did not start using it, even with update or force.
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Any resolution?
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Which version of the server is this?
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Step 1: Purchase an SSL Certificate.
Step 2: Configure your SSL Certificate.
Step 3: Generate and upload a CSR.
Step 4: Verify certificate details and click “Proceed.”
Step 5: Allow time for the certificate to validate.
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