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Kid TV shows nowadays

I recently had a little discussion with my friends about how a lot of the kid tv shows these days are "dumbing the kids down". I'm not generalizing it I mean there's Phineas and Ferb, We Bare Bears, and a ton of good things. But I'm focusing on those shows that don't really have a natural storyline and it's all fluff and jokes (sometimes green jokes) and then you think "wait, my kid is gonna listen to this?!" Back in the 90s, true there were shows too that didn't really have a storyline and they were all fluff but the majority of the kid shows that were popularized had sense in them.

But what do you guys think?
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Wacky Races just isn't the same as for Looney tunes WTAF have they done to Bugs, Daffy and crew?

Kids TV ain't what it used to be in 1970s & 1980s
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It's not only that times change, but also we do. And for worse; older, bitter.
I really despise that my daughter dances to local "cumbia villera" (think of Lil Pump, but worse), but my parents were horrified that I liked the Guns and Roses or Michael Jackson and all those 'junkies', so their parents loathed they listened to The Beatles. It's a matter of perspective, IMO.
We as kid didn't question the quality of the shows we watched, it was up to our parents. Whether they approved or not us watching Mazinger Z, or Dragon Ball Z, or The Smurfs, or Professor Kitzel, it's like us letting our offspring to Spongebob, Miraculous, Paw Patrol, etc.

Just my 2 cents.

I have no ties to Radionomy/TargetSpot in any way. My posts/replies are my own so any advice I can give, try at your own risk.
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