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seeking a way to mark songs as played

Hello everyone, I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out.

I use winamp media library to manage my music. Specifically, I use the "smartview" feature, with the "lastplayed" field to generate a fresh playlist of music that I like, based on rating, and haven't heard recently.

I frequently, however, download a list of songs to my phone from this list of songs as well. In order to update the "lastplayed" I have been listening to each song for 1 second on my PC, to update this field for each song that I add to my phone. Is there another way, possibly via a mod, to update this "lastplayed" date for a large list of songs?

I have programming experience, so even if this involves some direct modification of the media library in some manner, I'd be willing to do that (perhaps some SQL-like way of accessing the media library database to update "lastplayed" for all songs in a playlist). I have no knowledge of the SDK, or technology behind winamp, but would be willing to learn, if anyone could point me in the right direction towards solving this issue.
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