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Hey, I return to the Winamp forums after 2 months of fixing my poor crashed computer (in the end I had to buy a new one, b/c the HD, processor, and motherboard had crashed)

Does anyone here remember me?

Well, since I had to re-download Winamp (the latest version, 2.76) I have a problem... usually when I'm listening to music, Winamp will be open on the desktop (and all my other windows will be open over it) or if I click 'minimize' on Winamp, it will disappear to the System Taskbar (bottom right of screen, by 'time') and in the bottom middle of the screen there will be nothing. But this time, when I minimize Winamp instead of still running whatever it's doing, it disappears to the horizontal bar at the bottom middle of screen!
I don't want it to do that, because I've usually got a lot of windows open, and it just takes up space! The previous version of Winamp I was running had something you could check (a check-box) that you could tell it to minimize to taskbar (about 3 inches horizontally) or to the system toolbar or whatever it's called at the bottom right of screen! :*(

How do I make it disappear to the bottom right of screen, as the little lightning icon next to the time instead of taking up room in the bottom middle?

If you don't understand, I can send you a screenshot...

Thanks moderators, I appreciate it!
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DJ Egg
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Yes, I remember you . . . welcome back!

Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Display
show winamp in: system tray only

You can also change the systray display icon by moving the slider.

Is that what you were looking for?
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Not quite DJ Egg...

Yes, that's what I was looking for, thanks
I'm ashamed that I didn't remember that... I feel... Newbie

However, now I have 2 of those winamp icons in the system tray!
I believe one is the 'agent' which was there before I even messes with the settings!
Now I have one for the agent, one for winamp... and they look the same... check it out!

Here's the problem DJ Egg...

I only want one of the 'winamp' lightnings...
i don't know...
could i do it?

EDIT: in case that 'url' didn't work:

but you know what I mean... while you're at it, you wouldn't know a good place I could host some web-sites would you? better than Geocities?

~Mystical lol
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In Winamp, hold Ctrl and press P. Go to the Agent section and uncheck all the boxes.

All the agent does when enabled is maintains filetype associations, which shouldn't be a problem to a computer that is probably virgin to RealPlayer.
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