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Bug crashes winamp while loading [cause: in_vtx.dll]


I've just updated my Winamp to 5.2 and when I started it, it simply gave me the "windows error report" (I don't know if it's how it is called) and then, as I've done many times before with the "brand new" versions bugs, I moved the whole directory elsewhere and installed a "clean" version of the program (the version as it is into the package, without any older file) to test if the problem was about a newer file. It wasn't and so the problem is (just like the other times) an incompatibility of this version with an older file.

One by one I moved the files into de real winamp folder and the file that has the problem is the in_vtx.dll (The [in] Vortex plugin).

Actually, that bug doesn't bother me because I never used Vortex files (I just once looked for old games's music, trying to have my Sega MasterSystem II games's music in my computer), but it's important for you to know that there's a compatibility bug in the new version with this old plugin and that it crashes Winamp immediately when loading.

Maybe someone already told you about this bug, but I thought I should notice you of it because the most people doesn't know what to do.

Thanks for reading.
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Thanks for the info. However, as has always been the case, it would actually be up to the author of the 3rd-party in_vtx plugin to make it compatible with newer versions of Winamp.
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