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5.8 Beta - Enqueue on Double Click

System Details

Windows 10 Pro 64bit Version 1809 (fresh installation)
AMD Ryzen 5 1600x
G.Skill 16GB RAM
Nvidia GTX 1060
No Sound Card

Standard installation of Winamp 5.8 3660 beta (x86)
No additional plugins
Tried out every skin

Steps to Reproduce

Go to Preferences > General Preferences > File Types. Under Windows Explorer Settings activate enqueue files on double click (default is unchecked). Double click any compatible sound file.

Expected Behaviour

Double click should add the file to the playlist. The current track should continue playing.

What Happens Instead

Winamp ignores the enqueue setting, resets the current playlist and immediately plays the new track.


It would be nice if someone could confirm this issue to make sure it's not just something on my end.

Winamp is amazing, keep up the good work!
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Excellent report. My guess is ur exactly correct. Winamp doesn't seem to work a lot of those functions properly with win10, (like even just basic file type assoc). I'm guessing winamp does do those things properly on say win7.

It would be nice if someone could reproduce the issue to verify ur report.

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I had the same problem with a clean install. With a clean install, there is no more "shell options" sub-menu under "file types."

I don't have the problem if I install 5.8 over 5.666. When I install 5.8 over 5.666 there is still a "shell options" sub-menu under "file types." Then, if I check the "enqueue files on double click" (and I don't change anything in file types sub-menu) it works - double clicking on an mp3 will enqueue it in my playlist and the current track keeps playing.

So, the question is, should there still be a "shell options" sub-menu in 5.8?

Running W10 Home
i7-6700 CPU
16 GB Ram
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Shell Options is added by the JTFE plugin... which is included with 5.666 but not 5.8
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if done make change setting
hold down "control" keybord button when closing preferences
is work for me
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no joy

Hi - i'm struggling with the same issue.

New SSD in a laptop, installed Windows 10 clean.
Winamp about the third thing I installed.
Playlists enqueue fine but not individual files.

I tried the control method shown above, and not nothing with enqueue or play.
Winamp opens as if it wants to play but the file is not included in the playlist.
I've run Winamp fine on windows 10 for a long time, unsure why it's decided to do this all of a sudden.

Any ideas would be great.

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Originally Posted by aussieatters View Post
Hi - i'm struggling with the same issue.
In the end I grabbed 5.66 and that works fine out of the box.
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