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For the language thing..all Winamp configurations are in its ini (winamp.ini) Simple api to read INIs easly you can know what language are the user currently using.

What I do in my plugin when I go multilanguage is let the user choose its language... and I use reasource to load them...

The are some examples here in the forums about callbacks, mostly this callbacks are for plugins, no external apps; you can search for example change song notification... mostly you need to subclass Winamp main window.

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A complete listing of all IPC calls would be nice. I've seen the SDK, but I understand that it doesn't contain everything. For example, adjusting the crossfading time on the EQ, is not listed anywhere.

Now, maybe these calls don't exist, and if that is the case, it would be helpful to know what calls DON'T exist. I've spent a lot of time researching, using spy++, etc... just to find out that I can't do something. I know its more customary to document what can be done, instead of what cannot be done, but in the case of more common tasks, a simple note that something can't be done would save a lot of time.
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@emilles: language support in winamp as such is massively limited (considering it only currently covers resources in winamp.exe and none of the other plugins) so there is no means to query such information as the language. at most there's IPC_GETLANGUAGEPACKINSTANCE (requires 5.0+) which you could use to determine the name of the language based on the language modules filename but there's no consistancy with language pack author's naming of the files so that's not a good judge of things.

those plugins which do offer localisation support generally go for either the same lng/resource dll style interface as winamp.exe/ml_ipod/gen_dl/etc uses or a ini/text file based approach like i've done with most of my plugins.

for 5.5 (this has been briefly mentioned but not as such officially), localisation support in 5.5+ will be massively improved with a lng file based system for all native dlls and the means for 3rd party plugins to make use of it as well (still needs to be completed currently) but there's also the ability for lang pack authors to include translations for 3rd party plugins in them as well (jtfe has already been updated in the dev builds to make use of a jtfe_auto.ini if present in the new language pack) so there will be ways to get and load translations as needed.

the identification of the current language will always be an issue no matter what system is in place be it based on strict naming conventions or a specific identifier in the files. from experience with existing language packs, a large number of the authors do not do things correctly and as such there's no certain reliability in working out what's being used (as is the case already with the current setup).

@Hawkmoon77: if it's not mentioned in the header files then it's either not available for public use (which is generally for a reason) or it doesn't exist. really how would you create a list of what cannot be done - just isn't feasible when it's everything not referenced.

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