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FindWindow is used internally in Bind method. Path is optional parameter. But I guess C# doesn't have optional parameters so you can simply specify an empty string for a path parameter if Winamp is already running.
First thing Bind method does is it tries to find a winamp window (using FindWindow). If it does not find one, it uses a specified path to lauch Winamp.
New version of WACC will be released in next couple of days.
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Re: Solution: Get FileName from external app/dll

Originally posted by HeikoSS

function GetWinampFilename: String;
var Text, tempStr: String;
hwndWinamp, TempHandle : THandle;
dat2: array[0..500] of Char;
TrackPos: Integer;
temp, MPointer: Cardinal;
hwndWinamp:= FindWindow('Winamp v1.x',nil);
TrackPos:= SendMessage(hwndWinamp,WM_USER,0 , 125);
MPointer:= SendMessage(hwndWinamp,WM_USER,TrackPos , 211);
hwndWinamp:= OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS,False,TempHandle);
ReadProcessMemory(hwndWinamp, Pointer(MPointer), @dat2,500,temp);
tempStr:= dat2; // ;-)
Result:= tempStr;

I thought I was pretty able to convert this to C#, but I can't get it to work. Any C# people that know for a fact they can rewrite this to C#?
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using WACC

i've coded some C# interaction with Winamp and i've used the WACC .NET library.

you can find this lib here :
WACC Library

With that, it's very simple to have path of current playing song in Winamp :

PHP Code:
String currentSongPath cWinamp.Playlist.GetItemPath(cWinamp.Playlist.Position
hope it can help.

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thanks fdeshayes
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