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ASCAP at war with StreamLicensing

I've always paid my licensing fees scrupulously, and two days ago I got an email from ASCAP saying they are blowing off StreamLicensing and I have to start paying them. I checked with the new management at StreamLicensing, who said to ignore ASCAP, it's just a negotiation over fees. Then StreamLicensing hit up my credit card for its monthly fee. Any advice?

Above is my real question, but I do have some rhetorical ones:
1. How much of these fees actually go to the musicians in my playlist (most who live in foreign countries)?
2. When will Top 40 AM and FM stations, with 1,000x my TLH, running constant McDonald's commercials, start paying licensing fees (or is the idea that small webcasters should fund their operations indefinitely)?
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if an online stream is playing ads over the air, they are most likely using funds from the advertisers to pay the rights holders (if they are paying licensing)

one of the stations I own now used to pay the fees. sometime after I took ownership the licensing people contacted the previous owner. he told them he doesn't own the station anymore, and that was that... that was almost a decade ago.

I've found it much less hassle to just ignore the lot of them.
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I've been wasting money at SL all this time?
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Makes you wonder why people pay these people .... So glad I'm not US based I couldn't be doing with all the stress from a thing like this.

If the Licensing company can't get it right what hope is there for broadcasters?

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