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Adding a check all / uncheck all

I inherited code that lists a bunch of options and allows the user to select them:


!include nsDialogs.nsh
!include WinMessages.nsh
!define /math LVM_GETITEMTEXTA ${LVM_FIRST} + 45
!define /math LVM_GETITEMTEXTW ${LVM_FIRST} + 115
Var hListCtl
Page Custom LVPageCreate LVPageLeave

Function AddCheckedListViewItemWith1SubItem
System::Store S
Pop $4
Pop $3
Pop $2
Pop $1
System::Call '*(i ${LVIF_TEXT},i 0x7fffffff,i 0,i,&i${NSIS_PTR_SIZE},tr2,i,i,p)p.r9'
SendMessage $1 ${LVM_INSERTITEM} "" $9 $0
System::Call '*$9(i${LVIF_STATE},i,i,i0x2000,&i${NSIS_PTR_SIZE} ${LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK},p,i,i,p)'
IntCmpU $4 0 +2
SendMessage $1 ${LVM_SETITEMSTATE} $0 $9 $8
System::Call '*$9(i,i 0x7fffffff,i 1,i,i,tr3,i,i,p)'
SendMessage $1 ${LVM_SETITEMTEXT} $0 $9
System::Free $9
System::Store L

!macro AddCheckedListViewItemWith1SubItem hLV txt sub1 checked
Push ${hLV}
Push "${txt}"
Push "${sub1}"
Push "${checked}"
Call AddCheckedListViewItemWith1SubItem

Function LVPageCreate
nsDialogs::Create 1018
Pop $0

${NSD_CreateLabel} 0 0 100% 12u "File associations for mrViewer"

nsDialogs::CreateControl "SysListView32" ${DEFAULT_STYLES}|${WS_TABSTOP}|${WS_VSCROLL}|${LVS_REPORT} ${WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE}|${WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE} 0 20 100% 90% ""
Pop $hListCtl
System::Call '*(i${LVCF_TEXT}|${LVCF_SUBITEM},i,i,t "Extension",i,i 0)p.r9'
SendMessage $hListCtl ${LVM_INSERTCOLUMN} 0x7fffffff $9
System::Call '*$9(i,i,i,t "Description",i,i 1)'
SendMessage $hListCtl ${LVM_INSERTCOLUMN} 0x7fffffff $9
System::Free $9

# ...the options...

!insertmacro AddCheckedListViewItemWith1SubItem $hListCtl ".tiff" "TIFF file" 1
!insertmacro AddCheckedListViewItemWith1SubItem $hListCtl ".tga" "Targa file" 1
!insertmacro AddCheckedListViewItemWith1SubItem $hListCtl ".bmp" "Windows/OS2 Bitmap" 1
# ...etc...

SendMessage $hListCtl ${LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH} 0 -1
SendMessage $hListCtl ${LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH} 1 -1
System::Call 'USER32::PostMessage(p $hwndparent, i ${WM_NEXTDLGCTL}, p $hListCtl, i1)'

# LVLeavePage not shown

I would like to have a checkin button and function that toggles on/off all the listed items.

Can someone help me write it?
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