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Question Winamp looking at internal storage, not SD - Galaxy Note 2

Hey all,

Im having some trouble getting Winamp to see all my music and playlists. Right now it shows 0 songs, 0 playlists. I can find all my music on my SD card using a file browser, but Winamp is looking to the internal phone storage for the music. Using my phones default file browser, it shows the internal storage as "sdcard0" and my sd card listed ad "extSdCard".
Could this be the culprit?
Anyway around this?

Thanks in advance!
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I am having a similar issue. WinAmp on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) can see the songs that I manually copied into the Music directory on my SD card, but when I sync it copies music to the main memory (sdcard0) and not the added card (extSdCard). WinAmp also didn't recognize that half the songs on my playlist were already on the card, so now I have duplicates music files on the phone.

I tried just moving the synced music to the card, but then the playlists don't work. Please tell me there is a way to sync to the card!
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Ive been looking into this issue and kind of understand whats going on, yet even more confused. I think its a 2 part problem, Winamp and the file structure of the new smartphones. It used to be that all info was saved to the SD card to avoid filling up the small amount of memory the older smartphones had. So, winamp still wants to sync and transfer music to the sd card. Now the other part of the problem is the file structure on the phones. The internal memory is no longer called internal/phone memory, it comes up as 'sd card' memory and the actual micro sd card is labeled as 'extsdcard', so winamp thinks its looking in the right spot, but its a file naming issue. I think.

The weird thing is that *some* of my playlists still work, even though theyre located on my micro sd card. These songs/playlists are assembled playlists of game sound tracks, etc. so all the metadata song info is correct. My other random mp3's that I've collected from here and there in other playlists are not properly categorized by metadata (a stupid stupid problem that shouldnt hinder my entire freggin library organization).

So far, transferring the songs to the internal storage has not let me use my old playlists, it looks like you might need to recreate them when you transfer your library over.

I love winamp desktop version (even though the metadata bs pisses me off - i organize by folder, not metadata) and was really enjoying the android app, in part because of shoutcast radio, but this is toooo many hoops to jump through. Im doing some more testing but also looking into some other android apps. MixZing is one I heard from these forums that Ill try out.
Let you know if anything changes.
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must be specific models issue
as im on samsung stratosphere 2 and it sees both internal and external music
sometimes in places where i dont want it to
as for copying music to the phone
if using wifi sync it places it in the internal storage
yet usb connection gives 2 choices for storage

also for file structure make sure the folder is called music
as that maybe the issue and it may not
from my experience winamp always looks for a music file folder

thanks rob
(c)rob 2013 (picture & SN)

(please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having
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galaxy note 2, missing files, missing music, sd card

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