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recording in winamp?!?

hey there,

i have winamp 5.52, the latest one. is there not a record button in this program to record audio that is playing in winamp? i figured realplayer has that option and i think windows media player as well, but winamp does not? if it does, can someone explain how to do so..i see no record button or anything in the menus of such a feature?!

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winamp is a media player.

you can change the output plugin to save tracks to file but a media player is not really suitable for audio recording. winamp is good for converting a file to another format.

it all depends on what you want to record and what your trying to achieve.

I recommend audacity if you want to record and edit(because its basic and free)

protools and cubase sx are better alternatives for editing and looping but they will cost you a lot of money.
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well, i was really just wanting to record a radio show i was listening to so i could come back to it. i'm not really looking for anything professional. heck, if the recording isn't that great, that would be ok. i basically just wanted the show for reference. it would be cool if winamp added that feature like realplayer, just as a quick tool, not as a 'professional' recorder.

so audacity can be downloaded from the internet? and if so, i can record anything coming out of winamp i take it.

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