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Metadata interval -- What's it mean? HELP !!!

When I connect to a shoutcast radio already bookmarked on my winamp (or not) somestimes it connect with 8192 metadata interval. When it occurs, the music plays with many cuts. But if I click it again (two or more times) it connects with 24576 metadata interval and the music plays excellent.
Everytime I have to try the listening the musics by clicking many times to play normally.

Why??? There is something wrong with some config???

Thank you !!
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Metadata is SHOUTcast's way of getting the song title and song URL to the listener. It is done by placing plaintext in the actual mp3 data at a specified interval (known as the metainterval) and then players extract this info and display it and are left to decode the remaining stream. The metainterval is set on the server, when connecting you will get either the set metainterval or no metadata, depending on what your player can support. In your case the metainterval changed which leads me to believe that what was actually happening is that with those quick connects/disconnects you filled up the current server and then eventually you got passed on to a backup server which happened to have a different metainterval (also from what I could tell many of the new SHOUTcast hosted stations are using 24576 instead of 8192). I doubt the metainterval had anything to do with it. It just happened to change when you got to a new server. Find your stations again in the SHOUTcast yp and try tuning in that way rather then using a bookmark since the yp will do load balancing and direct you to the most open server and your bookmark points to a single server which causes you problems.

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