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(it is sad, that the latest answers not go to the top like other boards....)

you wrote:

Right now I am on a 56K, when I was at school I was on a T1 or T3 not sure about the actual speed but it was fast enough for me. Now that it is summer I am back at home
(Southern California, USA) and I refuse to pay for a connection at or below 56K (that connection at school spoiled me) so I am using Altavista Free Access (you know with the Ads), I am thinking about adsl (768 kbps down / 128 kbps up), but I don't have a job right now so I will make do with 56K. Here dsl and cable modems are somewhat common (about $40 a month for the bandwidth mentioned above) ISDN is kind of a dying out here due to dsl.


Here in germany you pay 1,9-5,0 "Pfennig"
per minute for 56K use.
Many people have ISDN.
ADSL is in test phase. (In big cities)
Internet via Sat is in the beginning. But in a little town like here (14000 human beings)
is ADSL far away.

can I make a adjustment in winamp that I can hear all stations but than in other quality??
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Actually when you reply it will move the thread to the top of the list, it is just that here it gets burried so quickly.

But to answer your question, nope there is nothing you can do to get those stations. The quality is selected by the person shoutcasting and you can not change that quality. The only thing you might be able to do is ask the person shoutcasting if they could add a stream with a lower bitrate so you can listen. You cannot downgrade the quality because in order to do so you would have to capture all of there stream (and this is where the problem is) then lower the bitrate.


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Actually I remember a few months ago (back when SHOUTcast had it's own forum) I mentioned a system that would work but Tom didn't like the idea.

Basically it would let the listener decide what type of connection to stream, then when the listener would call into the server, it would send one header peice saying what bitrate they wanted, that would inturn cause the DSP to send that content, to that listener, so those using 24k streams can listen to broadcasts that will go as high as 128kbps. Then the broadcaster has the control at what the highest bitrate to send out, i.e. I have a cable modem so the fastest I want to send is 56kbps, so I tell the DSP that, and when the person tunes in if they chose something over 56kbps I would only send them the 56k stream

didn't understand why the concept wouldn't work but I guess Tom has his reasons.

ah well

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