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3d glasses

i know i had some of these as a kid... where the hell did i get em? ... ive looked all over... wal-mart, target, k-mart, etc... couldnt find any in cereal boxes, coloring books... nothing...

i also looked on the internet and ebay but i dont want to order a set of 500 and i dont want to pay $5 shipping on some 20 cent glasses...

so... what are my options? anyone know where i can find any at a local store? thx in advanced
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go to a hardware store or a hobby shop. You'll need:

some cardboard - whatever thickness you prefer
hobby glue
a scalpel
red and blue cellophane - ideally, when you look through the red, the blue should appear black, and vice versa.
a pencil

You'll probably be forced to buy a fairly large sheet of cardboard, so you'll have room to experiment with sizes. Draw up a pair of glasses, folded out, on the cardboard. Cut them out (including the eyeholes) with the scalpel. Use this as a template to make another identical pair. Cut out bits of cellophane large enough to cover the eyeholes. Glue the cellophane in place (one eye red, one blue - it doesn't matter which) on one of the pairs, and then glue the other pair on top. You might want to scre the cardboard with the scalpel to make the arms easier to bend. Voila.

Alternatively, check newsagents or magazine stores for scientific magazines. National Geographic, New Scientist, etc, often have features with 3d images in them, that come with a supplied pair of red/blue 3d glasses.

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Or you could go here for some free ones.
http://www.rainbowsymphony.com/freestuff.html its like $0.30 for s/h i think.
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