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Constant Stream Buffering Issues

Has anyone else experienced a constant stream buffering issue of 2-5 seconds every few minutes for the past 8 weeks?

These stream buffers are constant and happening when broadcasting with any broadcaster from any location and ISP. We are testing encoders from other providers on these same broacaster machines. The results are that all Shoutcast streams will buffer every few minutes for about 5 seconds at a time, but all the other stream providers continue to stream with zero interruptions.

We have opened several tickets about this, but have yet to receive a response or any acknowledgment of the issue. Any reason why?
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DJ Egg or anyone else, are you not addressing this issue? I have seen similar complaints in the Shoutcast thread. But this problem is pervasive with this service as well. It is affecting all distribution outlets like TuneIn or even in the Shoutcast.com website.

We have been able to connect a different stream provider to our broadcaster to have it run side-by-side with the Shoutcast/Radionomy created streams for the past 2 months. The Shoutcast listen streams produce dropouts 70% of the time. The other stream provider has dropped out ZERO times in that same environment.

That said, we have tested and proven the issue is not with our broadcasting source (i.e. broadcaster & machine). It is definitely with the Shoutcast platform. And like others in the Shoutcast forum, we have lost a lot of listeners as a result.

Please fix this or at least respond to these threads. People are viewing these unanswered threads and they will test to see that the Shoutcast monetized streams have issues, but the issue is not be acknowledged by the provider. That is not a good look for the business.
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you tested also with self-hosted DNAS?
For example you can use a VPS from OVH with 100 MBit/s no limit traffic and you can host ~2600 listeners on 128 kbit/s audio for 3,49€.
If SHOUTcast hosted services are overloaded why you don't try to self-hosting it?
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This problem is now fixed.

All SCSS streams above 128kbps should now be running smoothly again with no buffering/skipping issues.

Apologies for all the inconvenience caused.
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thnx for looking at it DJ Egg

so now we all have to update everything to fix te problem ?
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