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I've made some new presets. They aren't new from scratch, but perhaps you'll like it.
You'll be able to download it directly from:

There are about 2500 pictures for drempels, too.

In about 15 hours from now this server would be down for some hours, cause I want to install a general backup and change some settings - it's my private machine, you now?
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Server is online again

As I've told you, today my Server was offline for several updates. This work is done, the presets downloadable again.
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plagiarism is bad, mmkay?

Not to get angry at you, or anything, but I didn't see a single one of your presets that wasn't obviously someone else's work. You've got 3 presets there that are blatant rip-offs of Zylot's living wall, for example. Now, we all love the extra variety, etc., but it would be a good idea if you gave credit in there somewhere, rather than just naming them HuarrXX. I'd hate seeing some truly original stuff like ocean sunset or morphing mass to be ripped off without any credit given...

- Krash
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You know yer doing something right when yer work if ripped off I was gonna hit this site in two weeks, thanx for bringing it to my attention, krash.
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It's a rip off?

Great. I wasn't looking forward to spidering 25 presets anyway Gives me a good excuse not to add these to my website.
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I suppose you could do some fairly simple heuristics to check if a preset is "unique" enough to be valid, but I doubt it's really worth the trouble.

I can only speak for myself, but I'm just doing this for fun. I could give a damn who gets the credit, as long as we've all got cool eye-candy to waste our time staring at. Anybody who's done a little preset tweaking knows that you can often get amazing and unexpected effects by simply changing the wave shape or the zoom a little bit...are any of us THAT worried about what constitutes "original" work here?

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my 2 bob's worth......

I did think the issue was dead and buried months go but as it has resurfaced I may as well put my comments towards this.

I believe that all of us or doing it for the fun not the glory.

But if everyone just modified an existing preset and nothing new was created then we would progress very slowly. If basic and sometimes crude mods creates something which is better for you that's ok with me but hopefully it will teach you to write original presets then.
So we can all benefit from it.

Most of us know when we have written an original preset and if we have modified one. I like to think that most of my presets are 'original' (I try and start from a blank preset model - the best way to learn) and I know when people have used big chucks from them and I must admit I was surprised (not upset) not to get half the credit but it is one big happy family here in the MD forums.

The true presets writer know who they are and what is original or not. .

nuff said,

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