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winamp pro promo code...

I'll get to the point, I need winamp pro so i can burn faster , but... I DONT WANT TO PAY $20!!! I've used winamp for at least 8 years now, so i am a dedicated user and I support winamp very much, however... $20 is alot of money to me with the price of gas, diapers, and VODKA . I would very much appreciate a promo code for 5 maybe 10 bones off the top. Thank you and goodnight!
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Perhaps you could skip the vodka for a couple of weeks?
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and if you skip the VODKA you might also find yourself not needing the diapers either

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The registration fee goes to pay the per user licensing fee charged to Nullsoft (Winamp) for the of the high speed burning and MP3 & ACC+ encoding component. The component is provided by a third party company. Although I do think that you have a good idea, I don't see that happening (IMHO).

BTW, if do decide to forgo the Vodka, maybe you can find a neighbor with a still. Don't worry, I won't say anything to the police.

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if he goes through that much vodka perhaps he needs his own still...

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Or send me a few bottles of vodka, then I pay the license fee for you.
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For some reason I fail to see the dedication. I wonder if he got his promo code after all. Since a year has passed, you could have used all that CRV money to invest in the licensing fee. Win-win combo. Save the Earth, consume mass amounts of Vodka, and support Winamp. I really don't see any negatives to that scenario. My apologies for bumping an old post, I just was curious if the guy was successful.
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google it. you might come up with something.
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yeah I'm sure they'll get right on that for you........being special and all
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U can find it from google.
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AOL originally sold pro for $15 in the beginning.
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