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To see the folder name in which the songs reside in

Hello fellow winamp users, i was wondering if there is any chance that i can simply see the folder names in a list? for me thats the best way to find the music i want to listen to.
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Re: Referring to folder searches


I'm not dead sure what you mean by finding the folder names in a list, at least through Winamp's interface. I'm pretty sure I can suggest a couple of ideas on the matter:

Like WMP, Winamp can accept files pulled straight from Windows Explorer (I'm assuming you use a Windows OS), either individually (MP3s/WMAs/Mods) or instead in batches by dragging and dropping a directory 'into' Winamp's playlist. As long as the files in that directory are both valid media and tagged properly, they should, like in WMP, appear in the proper order for a given album (assuming we're talking about a single, specific album directory).

If what you're asking is whether or not Winamp can open a directory with the files inside in an Explorer menu externally, with the prerequisite right-click...well, as far as I've been able to figure, that feature falls short in the last couple of versions of Winamp. It's probably one of the bigger reasons I still stick to WMP half the time (and why I've never upgraded beyond WMP 10; WMP 11 is missing the three or four main features that I require in a media player); I know that earlier versions of the 5-series Winamp builds had this feature (right-click on a file in the playlist and open an Explorer menu with the contents of its native directory) but for reasons I'm not familiar with it's been removed from the current builds.

However, I suspect the latter is not your problem; to repeat: drag and drop single media files in Explorer into Winamp's playlist, or whole directories, if properly tagged.

Hope this helps!

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i can get to the folder by right clicking the ML art and saying open folder, or right clicking the file in ML and saying explore item folder, or double clicking the now playing art in the top center file info window.

also, in ML, you can add a filepath column.

Deff, what things are missing from winamp that you can do in other media players?

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Re: Folders via Winamp


Sorry about the delay: I had a bit less time in the last few days to be doing my foruming, and I wanted to consider your question for a day or two before I answered that.

First off, I recall that yes, you can both add the directory tree name as a panel in the ML as well as, the last time I tried it (would've been in the last half-dozen months, and I'll explain in a moment why it was some time ago), bringing up the folder in Windows Explorer with a rightclick; while I don't consider it an issue per se, I don't really find it useful for my purposes to make a dedicated Library in either WMP or Winamp and haven't in more than a few years, partly because I've migrated my hard library twice over the last 2 years to a newer or different hard disk, and partly because I feel (though have never looked into it factually) or at least perceive that having a dedicated soft library hampers or slows down the 'reaction time' of my computer's particular WMP 10 and Winamp installs. I really don't make use of the Media Library in WMP or Winamp, and the right-clicking to open a file's directory in Explorer would only be useful to me in Winamp's playlist. (This can be done in WMP 10, which again is why it still finds a great deal of use on my rig beside Winamp.)

If there's one particularly unpleasant lacking feature in Winamp in my opinion, it's the Album Art tagging method and process. It's good if you have the time and patience to put into it, but it's much more (in my opinion) awkward than WMP's method. The real irony of it is that you can in theory tag any compatible music file in Winamp with pretty much any size of album art you want; however, unless you go looking and editing (say, finding a bigger resolution cover on CDCovers or Amazon's pages), the default 'search engine' for album art in Winamp's tagging system doesn't supply the user with album covers any bigger than 200x200, as far as I can tell. This defeats the whole purpose of having the ability to display good-looking 600x600 covers. Retagging album art is also a problem. The 'folder.jpg' file generated by Winamp in a given directory is by default hidden and protected; you can't 're-save' a high-resolution 'replacement' cover by the same name unless you go back and knock off all of the individual 'instances' in each tag. And if you do it sloppily, the low-rez 'folder.jpg' will sustain itself based on the fact that it still detects another music file 'wants' it. I have yet to find a foolproof way of telling Winamp to default to a non-hidden 'replacement' folder pic without it failing or defaulting back to the low-rez craptastic covers. Is there some way, perhaps, of changing a search parameter in Winamp's tagging process to allow for higher resolution album art beyond 200x200 at all?

Ouf, that took the breath out of me. Those two- the album art tagging business, and the lack of a right-click in the Playlist resulting in the current file highlighted in and the file's directory and contents displayed in an Explorer window, are my two main beefs with Winamp, and why I still rely a great deal on WMP 10.

I hope I haven't taken this thread too far off-topic. Dan, are you still with us?

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