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After using shoutcast for awhile and surveying what's out there, here are some thoughts.

On first hearing of shoutcast, I was excited by the prospect of anyone with an ISP being able to broadcast. In particular, I was hoping to find a large variety of interesting stations on the shoutcast server list -- stations that, freed from the traditional market-driven nature of broadcating, would offer more varied fare than is available on the local FM spectrum.

And there is some neat stuff out there: the guy who broadcasts Las Vegas police radio, a few talk shows, a few random guys with mikes and things to say, some good hip-hop. But for the most part it seems like shoutcast is just a bunch of MP3 playlists on eternal shuffle. It's nice and all, but a little underwhelming.

Has anyone come across interesting uses of shoutcast?
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Hmmmm. . . .interesting in what way? I've found tons of interesting music being streamed via SHOUTcast.

What I can't find are people streaming objects. Like toasters or apples or chickens. Once we can SHOUTcast objects across the Internet, then things might start to heat up, but you're right. . .as of now, the "scene" has quite a few people running lists of MP3's in a loop.

Over on the AudioRealm (www.audiorealm.com) and ShoutClub (www.shoutclub.com) sites, you'll find some excellent, well programed "radio" stations.

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