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[Feature Request] Search Within Playlist

Well the one feature i always see missing from android music players is searching within a playlist so you can quickly jump to a specific song without erasing your current playlist essentially the ALT-CTRL-J from the windows version.

the most annoying crap i always see on android devices is that you have to hit back multiple times to get to search and once you select the track you want to listen to you find that your playlist is either filled with everything you have on your device or on more restrictive players only contains the one single song you searched for.

essentially without a jump to function it is really difficult to make large playlists since you have no way of really getting to a specific song without scrolling down a long list when entering the first 3 letters or so of the songs title would be much faster and less distracting.
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This would be great. It's true, all players skip this function.
The best implementation I've seen slightly similar to this is on PlayerPro, holding down menu button opens a search bar wherever you are and in any song you can use "add after currently playing" (instead of add it to the end). This is still won't look into the playlist, and if you already have the song on the playlist, it will be duplicated once added (among other drawbacks..).
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