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Milkdrop At The Club...

I have been running Milkdrop at the club and it's great because it's free and entertaining and unmaned. Since we want to hold peoples interest for years to come I wanted to mix picture and movies with it and still have it unmaned. I thought Arkaos was a good option but the club owners don't want to spend the money. Does any one have any ideas?
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If the club owner doesn't wnat to spend any money then tell them in no uncertain words to f*** off.

ArKoas costs what....a few hundred dollars. *geez*

No disrespect but what more does he want. Personally I am torn between sharing my stuff and people using it in club enviornments and the like.

I have had people use my stuff at and pass it off as there own get financial rewards at my lose. This encounter lead me to be disheartened with this 'free' meantality in general and people using my website as a means of quickly getting there next paycheck?!!?. It is not like we have thousands of authors here. Where as many VJ's (and now club owners, etc) can be bothered to learn Vjo, Arkoas, etc. very few can be bothered to learn MD and pump knowledge/presets/etc back into the community.

Don't get me wrong I do this for the love of it all but when people start to make money of this with no respect it does annoy me somewhat.

Where does this leave other devolpers of VJ software etc or any vis software in the future for commerical outlets?

You have could me in rant mode atm but the way I am thinking I am tempted to say you cannot use any of my stuff so he will be without more variety. The club owner is running a business not a group of friends at home having a joint who I would never expect to pay.

*Sigh* I was going to update teh website today with the next 3 months of presets

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I totally agree, I think in time they will realize that part of the reason people go to that club is for the atmosphere. Then they will want to spend some money. I am just a volunteer tying to find a cheaper solution for a stuggling club.
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