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I have a GeForce 4 Ti4200 with TVout (SVHS), I can watch a movie in fullscreen on my TV and use the CRT monitor for other programs at the same time. To do that, I use nVidias Detonator driver, using the "nView" function "Span"...

It would be nice to run Geiss (2) in fullscreen on my TV and still be able to do other stuff on my CRT...

Can/will it be done? ))


And why only 256 colors in Geiss 2? Probably looks good on my TV but then I have to switch to TV mode only...
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A nice and gentle reply to that one <-<-<-<
A TV supports far more than 256 colors. Up to a million or so I think. Milk has an option for selecting which monitor to use, this
should be in Geiss II too. And what is the Span feature??
I use NView Multi-monitor setup, and can switch between monitors without using no Span feature.
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