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Oddcast, how do you get listed on shoutcast.com

When using Oddcast as your DSP for steaming (I want to update the title with the meta data) is there a way to get listed on www.shoutcast.com or this that web site only for those shoutcasting using the null soft shoutcast dsp?

If you can do it with Oddcast, how do you do it?

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shoutcast (I dont work for em) only supports shoutcast clients and DSP. There may be other ways of getting listed but I would dare to say its not supported.

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RE: Oddcast

Hi guys, first post here-

Hope you'll excuse me posting here, but this was the most closely related topic I could find:

I have just started using Shoutcast, having been using (and continuing to use) 'A.N. OTHER' peer to peer client for some months... By and large, this seems to be a good product (especially for free!).

I had been using oddcast to produce my stream, but it seems that it is incompatible with the Shoutcast server-... that's fair enough as I've had no problems making shoutcast feed a stream to my p2p client- (Wish I could make a smaller stream than 24kbps for dial up listeners though...lol) but the only thing I can't seem to do (or perhaps I just can't find how to ) using shoutcast is to save my outgoing stream-
I use re-runs of previous broadcasts as part of my regular programming, and so I need to do this.

In oddcast, it was as simple as just checking the 'save archive of stream' tick box on the 'advanced' tab, but there seems to be no equivalent option with shoutcast.

(I am assuming it is a facet of winamp that I cannot run the shoutcast and oddcast plugins simulataneously...?)

Can anyone tell me (or direct me to a sutiable topic) of a way to save my outgoing stream...? I have looked fleetingly at the S**eam**per program, but I'm not sure if it will be of any use to me.

Thanks everyone,

Look forward to hearing from you.
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In short the easiest solution to this is to obtain a more advanced streaming program like DRS or SAM as they have all of these features built in.

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Thank you for this pointer, MegaRock

I am totally new to SHOUTcast, so I just downloaded the average 'shoutcast source' plugin; I will google the 2 programs detailed...

I downloaded the command line version of 'the program that must not be named' (I did read the terms of use before posting! lol!) and I must admit that although it works, it is a real b**l ache (ancient Anglo-Saxon term) to use from the C:\ prompt, so I would prefer a more user friendly way to do it.

Thanks again, Lumbered

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