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Mobile / Android

Nice to have Blue Thooth working so I can sync my PC MP3/URLs so I can use my PC to type in the URLs for my play lists to say http://di.fm that then become IP addresses, port numbers and passwords.

It would ne nice to be able to use my Phone to play streaming music to my Blue Tooth car hifi.

When I am connected via WiFi it would be nice to have a decent sound quality as befits the connection, when I am on slow grotty 3G it down grades to a modest shound quality that can sustain streaming even if its poor. (otherwise why have WinAmp?)

Would be SO nice if the WinAmp search actually found the MP3 playing from the radio station. Copy&Paste into Google or Amazon is more successful that using WINAMP search. Amazon/Google(or Itunes) just works, no fuss no bother, it does what it says on the tin. So the Mobile/Android version might was well use the good Google Integration that Android Moblie Phone have and lever that unique benefit that is not quite the same on a PC.

Put bluntly you can do a lot more on a PC that on the touch screen of a mobile. So use the PC WinAmp to configure the Mobile WinAmp version. So that Mobile WinAmp does its job really well.
So all Mobile WinAmp has to do is find & play music. If you hear something you like from a radio station you can Tag it for later and when you next re-sync you can buy/download it to your phone in HD sound versa grptty radio broadcast sound.

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