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updating library watch folders

I love the fact that Winamp can watch my music folder for new music. However, the only way it shows up is if Winamp rescans the entire folder again. Considering I have close to 20k mp3 files, it takes quite some time. I know there are other media players such as MediaMonkey that autoupdate as soon as you put new mp3's into the watched folder. Why does Winamp not do this as well?
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because Winamp's feature doesn't register for notifications of file changes as the other players do (it's still based around a file-scan setup which was all that was really viable to do when it was added way back when Win9x was still supported).

ideally things should be changed but that requires resources and those are all allocated against other things (like the Android app, etc).

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i like it the way it is... if they ever did include that, i'd want the ability to turn it off.

if you add new music, you can manually right click the folder and add just that folder to the ML. just make sure you have that set in prefs. (thx DrO!)

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