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Send Smart View to USB device

This is part wishlist, part how could I do this myself.

So, it is possible to send a Smart View to a portable device. However, only the files are sent. Nothing is transferred about the smart view as there is no standard smart view format like there is with playlists. So on my device, I can't really choose to play that smart view.

What I would want to do is, after the files have been sent, create a .M3U playlist containing relative paths to all the files that were in the Smart View (whether they were updated on the last send or not).

Is there some notification that I can hook into to know when a send has completed?
Anyone have any suggestions for an alternate method of implementing this?

Here's the wishlist part: Have Smart Views available along with normal playlists in the Sync tab of the Portables preferences. Then have an option for each Smart View to indicate if an associated playlist would be updated each time the Smart View is synched to the device.
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