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completely lost

Ok guys I am brand new to shoutcast and I feel lost already and I just started to install, my intentions for using shoutcast are to be able to broadcast my personal band and all my friends bands music on a radio station of my own..

Anyway I am currently running Ubuntu 10.10 on all pc's here in my network.. So here are a few questions that possibly someone can help me with asap:

I followed all the steps as far as creating a directory for shoutcast and installed SHOUTcast DNAS 1.9.8 (Current Stable Version), I ran the sc_serv.conf file, and set ports etc and have no problem starting the server using ./sc_serv

I also have it pointing to Port8005 on my machine, When I type while server is running the shoutcast page does appear, but says that the server is down!
that one of my questions, why does it say it's down when on the terminal it says the server is running?

I have also installed the SHOUTcast Transcoder (SC_TRANS 2 - Beta Drop 6 )
extracted it into the same directory as the SHOUTcast DNAS 1.9.8 (Current Stable Version)

Question: how do I install the transcoder and how do I get this up and running?? What is the transcoder for exactly??
question: how do I add music??

Please help

All my questions seem simple to those who have done this a million times, but like I said I am a newbie that knows nothing about shoutcast...

Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to get the shoutcast server up and running 100% so people can tune in

Thanks in advance
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Sounds like everything is already working. Not bad for a newbie. If you see the SHOUTcast page and it says the server is down, that means you are not broadcasting. The server is waiting to receive a feed to begin broadcasting.

All you have to do is open the SHOUTcast Source in Winamp and put in your server IP (, port number (8005) and the password. As soon as you click connect, your sever should be up and you can begin broadcasting your music.
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Here is the thing I thought there was no winamp avail for Linux? Like I stated above, I am using Ubuntu
Is there a compatible program other than winamp??

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The transcoder will run in linux and can be used as a source for the DNAS instead of Winamp+SC DSP, but you need to configure the transcoder and supply a playlist file to the transcoder configuration to play from.

You can also run Winamp on Ubuntu with Wine but it takes a bit of tweaking to do and it's not always 100% stable. I'm using it though for my station so it seems to be stable enough (with tweaking.)

sudo apt-get install wine

...or you can install Wine from the synaptic package manager.
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i will give it a shot

got every installed and running good on the server.. Installed winamp using wine, seems to run perfect.. Here is the login
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