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Any of you guys good with Adobe Premier 5?

Needing some help. Im trying to make an anime music vid, and i have 3 large MPEG files im going to use to get the clips from. VDub is good, except its gotta be saved as AVI. and after re-encode after re-encode the quality begins to SUCK. TEMPEGnc is good, except it dosent save EXACTALLY frame to frame where i save. So now ive downloaded Adobe Premire 5 (This one wont crash on my computer).

So if anyone is good with v5, can you help/write how to do these small things?
  • Search frame by frame (with the time showing to at least 3 decimal places)
  • Copy part of the video and paste into a new file
  • Paste other clips onto the end of the step mentioned above, w/o having to make a 2nd file
  • Replace the sound with another sound (the song)
  • Add silence to the wav file
  • Save W/O having to recompress (save as MPEG)

Thanks for the help!

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